WRG has an integrated vision for quality, health, safety and the environment that incorporates the entire supply chain, our employees and the communities where we have our operations. We are a single global organization, standardizing processes and sharing knowledge in a culture of transparency and integrity.

WRG believes that by being an active participant and projecting our industrial values we can act as a force for community development and sustainability. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and surrounding communities, all our facilities are strictly compliant with the Chinese Environment Policy as a benchmark.

Q.H.S.E Policy

WRG aim is to achieve the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management, incorporating the principles of sustainable development throughout its worldwide business. Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all business processes.

We have been implementing this policy ensuring its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems, covering the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers and the proper and efficient use of its products in accordance with their agreed specifications.

WRG undertakes to keep this policy updated to implement and maintain its management system, and continuously improve upon its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment performance.

Product Quality

Quality means satisfying our customers' needs and expectations from product design to manufacturing up to delivery and related services. Meeting the codes and customer's quality requirements is our priority, we strive to surpass the inspections from our customers.

At WRG, quality management is present through all the business units from purchasing to product development, steel making, rolling and drawing technology, order processing, production planning, manufacturing, product controls, testing and qualification, storage, shipping are coved by ISO and the related production codes.

Continue Improvement

At WRG, we believe that excellence in quality allows us to achieve long-term, sustainable business growth. We are proud to announce we closely keep the most strict quality management complying with world famous companies standards. We are the approved supplier to the following companies: TOTAL, ARMCO, ConocoPhillips, KNPC, CIDB, PETRONAS, TECHNIP, MAERSK PTTEP, CAMERON, FLOUR, PDVSA, SHELL, ADCO, KOC, SPDC, CNOOC, CNPC etc.