WRG provides product quality standards, technique, budget, (SUPLIDOR DE SOLUCIONES DE MATERIALES PARA PROYECTOS, AGENTE DE COMPRA INDUSTRIAL) investment risk evaluation etc. and any other consulting that might be required based on our expertise.

Engineering and Design

WRG provides the engineering design on the special pipes, accessories, equipment's, vessel etc according to the different international standards and custom's special requirement. The drawing will be available upon request.


Because of WRG's vast and rich experience in China in the related fields, we can definitely provide our customers added-value procurement which not only meets our customer cost budgets but also stratify quality.


WRG has accumulated rich experiences through more than 30 years manufacturing. We are OEM for many world famous companies like GE, Cameron, Shell, Technip, etc on type of products in different fields.


WRG will provide our partners with financing credits to those projects that are able to comply with our regulations. WRG will be committed to you and convert the projects into reality.