Down-Hole Motor

WRG supplies down-hole motors, down-hole pumps, tunnel power tools, disassembly tools and complete motor test bench. We provide different configuration options for our Downhole Motors Manufacturers, FABRICANTE DE MOTORES DE POZOS.

Uniform Thickness

Resistance High/Temperature and Oil Based Mud


Air Filling: unlike the common down-hole motors in the market, we mainly manufacture the even Wall Stator Down-Hole Motor which greatly improves the working life compared the regular down-hole motors. These kind of motors are approved and used by Schlumberger amongst other high end companies, which greatly reduces costs and provide great economic value.

The benchmarking advantages are as below

Good thermal dispersion, improved stator working life, avoids generating hot focus areas.

Down-Hole Motor 01

Uniform elastomer expansion, increased stability of the stator running.

Down-Hole Motor 02

Better hardness features

Down-Hole Motor 03

High-Strength Sealing Universal Shaft

Down-Hole Motor 04

Enhanced Drive Shaft

Down-Hole Motor 05

ERT and Conventional Comparison

Robust body

more strength shaft

Shaft3, update catcher system

Down-Hole Motor 06

Enhanced wear resistance, greater axial bearing angle.

Down-Hole Motor 07

TC is mainly exposed to drilling pressure, the pressure test (225 tons).Special treatment after the TC body deformation, significantly less than the normal process.


WRG is able to supply any spare part upon requirement regarding down-hole motors.

WRG can set up a service shop near the site if the client requires it which is able to provide repairs and technical support.