Drill Pipe

WRG has been supplying the highest quality Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Kelly and Various Subs etc. In China, we are the approved supplier of CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC. In the international market, we are the approved supplier of Weatherford, Smith, Seadrill, Statoil, BP, Shell drilling service company.(Drill Pipe Manufacturers, Fabricante De Tuberia De Perforacion)

Imporved Drill Pipe

Size: 2-3/8"--6-5/8"

Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135, SS-105

Length: Range 1, Range 2 or 3

Upset: IU, EU, IEU

Specification: API 5DP and RP7G, NS-1, DS-1 or IRP volume 1

Rotary-Shoulder Connection

High Torque Double Shoulder

Allow greater torque, improve torsion performance 30%-50 % based on regular thread, allow smaller OD and larger ID can significantly decrease water loss along the drill string which significantly improve torsion performance and increase the OD wear allowance.

CET High Torque CET Connection

With same wall thickness, the torsional performance can increase by 40%~60% compared with API NC connection, Flush ID, More OD wear allowance compared with API NC connection before downgrading.

Drilling Pipe

Drilling Pipe

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Integral / Welded HWDP Sour Service HWDP

HWDP Nominal Size: 2-7/8" to 6-5/8"

Integral HWDP Grade: AISI 4145H or 4145HM

Welded HWDP Grade: Tool Joint AISI 4145H or 4145HM

Pipe Body: AISI1340

Available Length: 31ft up to 45ft

Specification: API Spec. or NS-1 and DS-1

CRA Products

Drill Collar

Slick/Spiral Drill collar Sour Service Drill Collar Non-Magnetic Drill Collar

Drill collar Size: 3-1/8"OD to 12"OD

Materials: AISI 4145H or 4145HM

Available Length: 5ft up to 45ft

Specification: API Spec. or NS-1 and DS-1

CRA Products


Hexagonal Kelly Square Kelly

Kelly Size: 2-7/8 ~ 6-5/8

Kelly Grade: AISI 4145H or 4145HM

Available Length: 37ft up to 54ft

Specification: API Spec

CRA Products

Hardbanding and Internal Plastics Coating

Various Hardbanding Options

Tungsten Carbide Particle, TCS titanium, TCS 8000

Arnco 100XT and 150XT, Arnco 300XT and 350XT, Amorco M

Various Internal Plastic Coating Options

FT-2000, FT3000, FT3000P, TC2000, TC2000P, TK34L, TK34P, TK34XT