Premium Connection

In order to provide service in tough application surroundings, WRG supplies optimal performance and premium connections, which are widely used by our customers in South-East, South America and Africa.Our premium connections can greatly improve the usage span life and save costs for the end user.


Structure Features

High performance gas-tight premium connection for casting and tubing, ISO 13679 CALIV approved.

Excellent gas seal-ability under combined load

Easy stabbing, No cross threading

Superior Anti-galling performance

Easy repairing

Suitable for low alloy & carbon steel pipe

Modified Buttress Thread


TBG: 2-3/8in~2-7/8in: 8T.P.I.    3-1/2in~4-1/2in: 6T.P.I.

CSG: Sin~13-5/8:5T.P.I.

Meta-Metal Seal

Seal Taper: TBG: 1:1.732    CSG: 1.10,1.6,1.3

Reverse angle torque shoulder


Threaded Connection

Improved Buttress thread with a taper of 1:16. The clearance at the top of the thread crests minimize thread galling and avoid the tapping of compound inside the threads.

Metal-to-Metal Seal

Metal-to-metal seal surface can provide enough contact length and pressure. The seal system offers excellent gas-tight sealing, even under the most combined loads.

Reverse Angle Torque Shoulder

The reverse angle torque shoulder provides a positive torque stop, which allows accurate power tight make-up and minimizes hoop stresses in the connection strength.

Streamlined Internal Profile

A pin ID chamfer, tight tolerances on the coupling center combined with a long shoulder will minimize turbulence and energy loss.

Coupling Design

Joint efficiency is more than 100% and coupling critical section is greater than pipe body section.

Connection Low Stress Design

Connection low stress design ensures more safe under corrosive environment.